Niagara Wine Festival

September is Wine Month and the celebration of wine making in Niagara, is an annual event that toasts another year’s harvest for Niagara wine makers and farmers.

We are kicking off the month of the Wine Festival by offering our new “Skin Is In” line of wines, made especially with grape wine skins. The effort of making wine with wine skins is worth the effort by enhancing the body, tannins and mouth feel of an authentic varietal character.
Also our Limited Edition Reserve wines are arriving and are on a limited order basis, first come first served. You won’t want to miss our special edition wines, they are only offered once a year! 


The Niagara Wine Festival in St. Catharines blends a unique tasting discovery and tastings of local food and wine with 32 participating wineries.

This year’s event is not to be missed with many tourists and visitors coming to St. Catharines to experience the best of Ontario’s wine and enjoy the true experience of the area’s finest wine.

At Niagara Brew Club we feature most all types of wines from around the world and hand crafted beer that are popular and in very high demand.

The 62nd Annual Niagara Wine Festival began on Sept 14 and runs up to the 29th, highlighting Niagara and it is grape harvest time.


Wine seminars will be held at Montebello Park with a new Culinary Theatre, which features delicious food pairings this year by famous top chefs.

Educate Your Senses Seminars By Brock University

On Saturday Sept 22, 2013, Sunday Sept 23 and the following weekend, Saturday Sept 29 and Sept 30 there will be educational seminars on the progressive wine industry.

Seminars are being co-ordinated with Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute.


Some of Niagara’s Top chefs, winemakers will present food selections and share some tips on serving wine types with food selections that makes a meal memorable and unique. These featured educational seminars cost two tokens and registration is required. (See below for more information)

NiaWineFest 2

Festivities are going on throughout the month culminating with the Festival in Montebello Park this weekend, “Under The Tent”.

Remember Niagara Brew Club features wines from all over the world:
France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and beer that is hand crafted, home made in our copper kettles. Come brew a batch of wine or beer for your home enjoyment.

NWF Wine Tasting

Photo: It’s Wine Tasting Time! Niagara Wine Festival

Call: Niagara Brew:  905- 938-2582 and order a batch for your next gathering!
We take orders for corporate functions, weddings, anniversaries and big parties.

Niagara Wine Festival Calandar: Niagara Wine Festival – A Vintage Harvest

Brock University: More details on Wine Seminars


We’re Getting Un-Corked at Niagara Brew Club!!


Get Uncorked at Niagara Brew Club

Get Uncorked at Niagara Brew Club