September Special – Chocolate Orange Port

Announcing our September Special Limited Time Offer! Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Raspberry Port!

Pre-Orders Only!!

We are offering our Speciale Chocolate Orange Port and Speciale Chocolate Raspberry Port for a limited Time Only, and expect delivery September 7th, 2012.

Chocolate Orange Port Order Now For Christmas!!

Every year we sell out fast on our Ports for the Winter season ahead and can’t stress enough to get your orders in now before they are all gone.

Chocolate Orange Port is a full bodied Port style with full bittersweet chocolate, orange and marmalade flavors. The chocolate flavors off coffee and vanilla also compliment the zingy oranges leading to a bright rich finish.

This port is excellent when sipping on a cold winter night by the fire, and also when served with nuts, cheeses, cheese cakes, and just by itself as an after dinner treat. Your guests will marvel at the flavors in the delicious Port wine.

The 12 liter wine kit makes 3 gallons or 15 bottles in 4 to 6 weeks and will get you all ready for the Christmas season of 2012.

The Port is excellent when aged three months and gets better with aging, therefore by Christmas it will be Just Right!

When they are gone, they’re gone! So Order Now!

Oak: Toasted Sweetness: 7 Body: Full

Alcohol by Volume: 15% to 16.5%

Food Pairings: Serve with desserts, pour over deserts or serve with light cheeses and fruit platters, short breads, cakes, fruit dipped in chocolate, Christmas cake, roasted nuts or by itself as an after dinner sipping drink. Also you can drizzle Chocolate Orange Port over your desserts or ice cream and that makes it all the more worth while. This port only gets better with time and aging!

NB. We’re not kidding on this folks, many customers have left it too late and we ran out- so if you like Chocolate, Oranges and Port this is a luscious liquid chocolaty toasty winter’s treat! We also are featuring Chocolate Raspberry Port.

Chocolate Raspberry Port -Niagara Brew Club

We have lovely port bottles you can order when you bottle your Port,
at a small extra fee, these bottles are ideal for Christmas gift giving to your friends and family. Also, you can order a kit or two for corporate parties, weddings and special occasions as gifts!!

Order Today!! Phone: 905- 938-2582 Open 10 to 7 pm

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Tim from Wine Expert Discusses the 2012 Chocolate Orange Port

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